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STUNTMEN part ii

After 4 years of his 7 stretch Ripper is out. His savings have all been 'proceeds of crimed' by the court, so Hank and he have unfinished business, and the Word Freak Director is still on their story.

The local bank holds between £120k and £240k in cash, maybe, if they are very lucky, and can wait until Christmas 2006, £500k. They aren't going to be millionaires but they can't wait years for a lottery win, they've got bills to pay.

The time-delayed vault has the latest security devices and the building itself has recently undergone a security review. But for £500k the pair will risk it in one last attempt to settle their scores with the forces of law and order.

It couldn't be simpler than that.

But fetishised commodity relations between men and materials do funny things to the mind.

In the midst of this no-tech bank robbery the ghosts of past relationships still unspoken haunt their harrowing tunnel to retirement.

As they get closer to each other, the money and closure on lives of crime they are driven homicidally insane by the complicating truth, the deconstructing twist, the parasitic turn of psychological events.

... .