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- a science fiction treatment by tom bruggen

insurgency films

introducing chris ternent & shirley campbell  




Manchester 2010.

When ex-cop Charlie Unhopp takes up private detecting his first job is to trace the whereabouts of a missing car. A run-of-the-mill insurance scam he believes, a wife running up credit card bills a husband can't pay: ergo. But Charlie twists to keep up with the turn of events. The wife is the council leader's secretary and displays an extraordinary cashflow, and the  card story looks like a cover. The car, he discovers, isn't that missing - in the couples rented garage, and the wife, after fleetingly running the story missing car tale by Charlie, disappears herself. Husband is distraught, but not telling the truth. Paranoid, he now quizzes Charlie about his employer - the car insurance company, a nasty high premium racket creaming big business payouts, and Charlie is shot at when he arrives home, now embroiled in increasingly murky business affairs of...?


Charlie turns up to work the next day apprehensive and puts the husbands  insurance company mystery theory to his boss, the newly appointed Buttjuke, who on hearing this switches him to another case, against Charlies wishes. But this still haunts Charlie, distracted by his own shit, until he reads about the wife's body appearing at the bottom of a suicide plunge (police think she was tagged) and the husband too disappearing, and enquiries to the council office dismissing Mrs... as on holiday.


Charlie visits the couples home after work, suspicious of the sinister manner of council leader and wary of knowing but defensive insurance company boss Buttjuke.


At the house, the car is back in the garage, a trail of millions of cash spilled across the floor,  an unusual laptop pumps bizarre motivational tape style incantations in a foreign language, running programmes in alien hieroglyphics on the seat dripping with blood.







Manchester 2030




Manchester 2050