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SLIDE (formerly known as D-tox)- tom bruggen feature film - Manchester Films
"a screaming, hypnotising feature, - filmed by a demon, about devils, for people who are possessed - paranoid plotting, desolate lives, masterpiece of no-budget cinema"
Nigel Thomas Matador Pictures.

Starring Joanne Hartley as Dr Charlotte Greer


d-tox/slide credit titles

Executive Producer:      Anthony Murray

Writer & Director:       Tom Bruggen

Line Producer:           Jo Ann Conlan

Producer:                Tom Bruggen

Directors Assistant:   Siobhan Woodruff

Production Design:       Joanne Brewer                          & Di Bruggen

Assistant-Producer:      Neil Jaworski 

Prod. Off Manager:       Lisa Murray

First Ad:                Paul Tucker

Camera Operator:         Tom Bruggen

Camera Assistants        John Abraham &                        Cathy Child

Slate:                 Christian Madden & Anna Wilde

Music Directors:        Glass Eyed


&                       Karil Bee

Music Management:Derek Ryder @ Hot Soup

Sound Recordists:        Chris Stuart

Sound Consultant:        Mike Heyes   

Supervising Editor:      Diane Bruggen

Assistant Editor:        John Abraham

Assistant Editor:        Cathy Child

Location. Manager:       Alex Knight

Props:                   Joanne Brewer

Action Vehicles:         Oakhill Garage

Support Vehicle:         Apex Motors

Costume:              Niamh O'Laoighre

Publicity Stills:        John DÕAnby &

                         Alex Knight

Apple Mac:           Gypsy John Abrahms


K-Groove -    Gia in the Dark    

Redbone -     Superman             

Hackersfatal - Trigger, Loc, Instrumental -

Lisa Weapon - Whati If I go to Far   


Puressence -   Walking Dead   

      Suicide is Justified             

My Computer 

Detoxification,Vulnerabilia, I dont car how u treat me, (All I ever  wanted

G E Detectives

Techno Twinkle, Fog Horn, Earthking,Tic Toc Heartbeat, Call Me


Kidda -       Vince Atta 

BAT -         Ensley Bingham

Inspector Mark Fabricant - Mark Butt

Puff -        Nicky Clarke

Sailor -      Chris Coghill

Flippper -    Billy Graham

Dr Charlotte Greer - Joanne Hartley

Lo -          Collette Hopper

Dust -        Fiona Johnson Uncle -       Gina Lamb

Albert -      Kevin Mathews

Peter -       James Mudriczki

Fluff -       Gemma Peakall

Joy -         Devika Wilson 

Hump -        Stacey Winfield

Poppy -       Claire Bleasedale

Girl            Tracy

thanks to

Tony & Derek @ Hot Soup Music Management;

Alex, Evonne, Neil @ VFG;

Tony Scott @Film & Photo;

Lisa  Ryan Carter & Jim Mooney @ The Basement;

Ivan Levene, Roger, Gareth & Hilary @ Alibi Films International;

Nigel Thomas & Peter Watson-Wood at Matador Pictures;

Anita Overland at Overland/Slang Films;

Julie @ Kodak;

Nicola Shindler, Andrew & Sue @ Red Productions;

 and particularly Michael Winterbottom, Andrew Eaton, Gina Carter & Fiona Nielson @ Revolution Films for the film stock.

All at Revolution Cafe, 

Paul at The Grove Pub

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