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The Grape Tapes - tom bruggen feature documentary - Universal

"One of the best and most revealing rock documentaries ever"
Tommy Udo NME.
"A jaw droppingly candid documentary"
"One of the most watchable documentaries ever... vital ****"
Melody Maker.
"Writer & Director Tom's original insight & aesthetics are not owed to popular sparkly crap - they are much more specific than that .He is deeply eccentric - carved big, from the lancashire millstone from the big blasted bleak Northern hills. Blind to normality, tuned to space waves." Johnny Cigarettes VOX

At Manchester’s late 88’s early clocking we agreed to shoot, me ‘n’ mental genius Shaun Ryder, but like most other events of our lives filming started late. Four years late, Jan 93: what should’ve been the Happy Mondays is over. X is sour. No band, no deal, no dollar. No film. Xcept: Didsbury, just off Barlow Moor, March 23rd. Jamming in X’s 12’ by 10’ gaff, music addict Mr Ryder, brother Paul, ex. Ruthless Rap Assassin Kermit, Bez and drummer Ged line up “Walking the Dog” for a piss on the past. “Kermit sound shit: says Paul. “No, just out of key, I think it sounds great man”, says Shaun. It’s Great When You’re Straight later, now e’s exclusively Stupid Stupid Stupid for you in The Grape Tapes. Hang with Shaun and Black Grape round the World through 5 years of brown, pollinated, green scripted, rattling, X-rated groovy gigs, kick-offs, trips, rock n roll works, riffs, licks and jellied bullshit ‘n’ brass-gouching rhymes. Get higher with X, who takes a nine-bar just to sleep.

Produced and Directed by Tom Bruggen

Camera Tom Bruggen

Editors: Liza Ryan-Carter, Diane Bruggen Graphics Matt Moden, Jon D’anby

p&c Radioactive Records 99 mins.

Universal MCA

iinsurgency films limited