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MOLLY'S IDLE WAYS - tom bruggen trailer & feature script

"is an ensemble piece; an uncompromising portrayal of an underclass loaded with vicious, dangerously likeable anti-heroes - boxers, prostitutes, drug dealers and pimps - who in another place and time might have been great people, but who are addicted to an incorrigibly corrupt, maddeningly stupid society bound for self-destruction. This is storytelling from the front, unencumbered by middle-class guilt.
Tom Bruggen is a relentless innovator, a pyrotechnician of incendiary philosophies seamlessly dramatised in the stories of Manchester's biggest stars and lowest lives, all of whom he counts among his personal friends"
Ivan Levene Head of Development Alibi Pictures.



We're so different, and so is our film. Now watch us while we make a hot film smell like smoked-pollen and a toot of brown; knuckle-vacuumed-fat-lip, a bleeding bulled cured knot of muscle; the taste of gangrenous curdled caviar, 100% proof love cup; looking like an owl on tamazipan, and sounding like X on crack, smack and prozac wielding the fight and forgery games of Madchester hell.





Molly's Idle Ways: a cock-up comedy, a near-true tale of nasty men and nastier women, of broken hearts and busted brains, cross dressers, laundered money, dirty washing, private parts, detectives, drugs, dramatised by the real beautiful characters of present day metropolitan Manchester.


Molly, the girl everyone has sex with, starts the biggest orgy of her life with Pop, Dick & Wee Red Boy, the most dangerous lowlife in Manchester. On Molly's side wannabee sidekick Vulvina, half-brother Tranny and half sister Angel get sucked into the bad-guy's scams, enrage the police and shock Billy, Gypsy and Kent until its too late.

They have only the space of a few days to calm things down before their self-destructive instincts, perverting obsessions and Tranny's gun send them all into psychiatric care. Unfortunately, Molly's lovers pursue  their own naive, self-interested, lust fuelled solution to the cock-u whereby incest, sneak thieving, digging heroin, assaulting violence, crack-cocaine, voyeurism, forging sterling, undercover surveilance and blackmail all get into the bloodstream.

A nightmare of sexual corruption, confusion and comedy spins through  Manchester as the stakes are raised to include £9k of forged fifites, a 9oz bar of dope, a 9mm pistol and nine ordinary lunatics none of whom is capable of rescuing morality from the clutches of a suicidal screaming multiple orgasm.