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On The Bone - tom bruggen feature film - On The Bone Consortium

"Firstly, On The Bone is naturalistic, drama unwinds in obvious Burnley, stuffed with northern metonyms of small town malaise, work, life sentences of normality, unexceptional, banal lives.
Secondly, On The Bone is representationally other, problematic, overflowing with social issues unrepresented in the film - instead parasitically eating away at the host flesh from within, mixed permanently in with the films means, set, exposure, non-actors. Watch this space: Genius at work"
Karil B - Independent Film Critic

On The Bone Consortium
John Abraham, Anthony Barlow, Rich Beale, Di Bruggen, Tom Bruggen, Cheryl, Jeff Clarke Jnr., Jeff Clarke Snr., Kim Clarke, Simon Clarke, Commercium Ltd., Andy Cooke, Cosmos, John D'anby, Francis Gaughan, Kieran Gaughan, Margrett Gaughan, Ian Gerrity, Glass Eyed Detectives, Paul Grace, Billy Graham, Frank Grant, Danny Hanley, Steve Hargreaves, Paul Harrison, Jay Harrison, Steve Harrison, Jo Hartley, Andy Jackson, Danny Jay, Mick Lindsay, Christian Madden, Michael Martin, Paul McIlvennieÕs Xavier Engineering, MIDA, Robert Murphy, Anthony Murray, Paul Mycock, Heather OÕBrien, Shaun Obrien, Andy Payton, Dean Ramsdale, Steve Rigg, Lisa Ryan-Carter, Mr Sanderson, Sage, Sarah Stevens, Raymond Sawley, Adrian Lord @ Subnet, Peter Swan, Ivan Smith, Peter Smith Timber Merchants, Julie Simcoe, Jimmy Slattery, Glenn Smith, Simon Smith, Chris Stewart, Ian & Jane Walsh, Dean Williamson, @17/8/2002