insurgency fims - Filmaking in Manchester England



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What the fuck do you have to do round here to make an honest living. Jesus fucking christ its hard. I got 13 fucking years for borrowing a bit of old gold off an artic' and im proper pissed off. now, here's the deal:

i made a few friends inside, the way you do, you get talking, family and that. how many times do we have to tell them - its a living. tough on the causes of crime, and all that. well. im not staying out here on my own, because they got me through shit, and im getting them out.

now. the disproportionate amount of money accumulated by the famous faces we all know, from our avid televisual entertainment, well. we know the system is bent, and they could do with a bit less. and all they want is a bit of press to get them birds screaming again. so. kill two birds with one stone innit. not the same birds as the screaming ones though, anyway.

i give em an excuse to go all FRONT PAGE again, play the system, the tarblawds and they cough up enough to pay me to liberate my soulmates from her majesty, we all fly to a safe house, and, boom. back in business.

sound like im talking shit? you just fucking wait if i dont have em all out partying in no time. just gotta find some ob-fucking-noxious millionaire new-labour-lord politician to cough us some dough. know any?




’Abnormality’ abounds: K***, aggro-blagger lost & out of it- getting shouts ‘you should do it again, go on!’ ‘yeah, just like last time: probation & social-fraud-squad! ha ha.’


Blagger 4 ever, he knocks it back.


But nature calls, meeting TNT ‘the insurgent’ offering ‘securitas’, selling him to ‘pro-it’ himself.


Fat dives back into the contractual ‘reality’: blanked, blown out, bust


He examines new & old faces for friendship & trust, find Ch.**** chums/**top/ *****?

interface with a recce 4  new stunts , weigh up pop-idol, picture hollywood & cannes, mind-blowing greatest ever stunt ********.                      


**** prepares to front it: ripe security fruits spotted and picked - massive authority pressure to interview/arrest him.


Riches descend on him, TV, mags, press world domination! Comebacking when the immigration/establishment gives him visa impound shit - more prison till bail.


NOW: Dead on our feet, buzzed up: TV, police & courts screw with our minds.


Back home & cut, the film is done (or fucked), wins Cannes (not entered), get paid (or typically lose everything again).