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a feature script by tom bruggen

insurgency films limited

Leigh and Bobbie, are young teenage female 'actors' with a difference: brought up on the fringes of manchester's criminal underworld they are, let's say, 'ideological', 'hooded''chavs', who routinely play mind-games with teachers, liberal do-gooders and 'the criminal authorities'.
Cruelly deserted by their brothers and recently imprisoned fathers they shift their sights to bigger game: the rich and famous london film and tv elite.
After routinely playing and beating the tv casting scouts and shows but falling at the final hurdle because they are too 'ideological' (shorthand for not being submissive casting couch celebrity presenter fuck groupies) they bag their 'acting' talent away and get shit service jobs, finally eking out a miserly living and only pickpocketting the odd client for fun.
But frustrated by the life threatening dullness of work they decide to play around a bit again when they serve one of the drunken winners of 'big sister' who indulges her winning tips:
Thus, posing as 'game for anything' and 'willing' bitch-sisters to pimp brothers they now turn every head and start winning more final rounds, robbing and pillaging nearly all the way but never quite getting the big part, when they 'screw up' by refusing the final 'test' in bed.
That is until they meet/see their match in a 'trusted pair of hands' adverts director breaking into features and casting the lead for his first big budet one, who chooses them above all others to take part in a final, televised, 6-way head to head 'weekend' audition.
Leigh and Bobbie have to step up their game to beat his ruses, double bluff double double bluffs and his sexual advances and emotional blackmail, and finally take their career forging revenge using force/viagra to 'date rape', photograph, and threaten to kiss n tell him until he acquiesces:
The weekend part of the audition begins as the finale of a big brother/pop idol style mass scale and we follow our two through their conniving and manipulative trajectory, in the process knowing that they themselves = are being set up by this bastard director for real life revelations, media revolutions, amd exploitative double crosses.
Waiting for them are the 5 models playing actresses for the purposes of the tv show are Alexia the 'protagonist', Briggita the 'antagonist', Condolecia the 'two faced one', Diamante the 'libido' and Elipsis the 'shortcut to hell' all meet Leigh and Bobbie at the film audition, the male director can't choose and casts them all/delays casting to view the screen tests in the privacy of his own office,he's been watching too many reality tv shows and loves the wait
Tensions mount as they wait together in the hotel: real and acted tension, mistrust, sexual allure and class, memory, before the director/presenter then intro the next challenge as it were, culture and forgotten/secret personal history now percolating through their experience they each encounter the others hidden, real and acted for the cameras sense of destiny future hopes etc. gradually revealing the unpalatable truth that ...
None of them really wants this job, its just a stepping stone to ...and that the director doesn't really want them for their acting either... part of a wider conspiracy to dehumanise and humiliate as part of the bullying agenda of ch... execs to have a rad but big audience for their advertisers etc.
The girls figure their agents are after the money, that the make-up, costume and lighting guys all want 'something else more' , the tv execs want b loody slanging matches and bitch fights with tears and abortions: each a blow to the models concerns for themselves as 'actresses', so finally comes the the 'scene', the audition: one of them is the best and gets the part for 'real', back in the changing rooms - the old stuff bubbles out with reversals which involve Leigh and Bobby phoning for back up from the brothers up north, their arrival in strength with trouble in mind and their own tv news film crew covering their every move.
Leigh and Bobbie make-up with their estranged brothers and trash the rich southern film and tv elite, all london failed bomber seige-style on live tv, blockbuster ratings and small fortune kiss n tell stories for all.

iinsurgency films limited