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life's only worth living when there's someone worth dying for

TRUE TALE - tom bruggen feature film Metaphor Films



Cleo Kisser -         Claire Girvan


Mono -                Gary  Steward

Sergio Frankswap -    Nicky Clarke

Make-Up-Girl -        Josephine Oniyama

GGG -                 Hollie Walker

Cleo's Dad -          Terry Henry

Lavinia Trhewn -      Lou Paganini

TV Presenter -        Lisa Jones

Taxi Driver -         Steven Girvan

Policewoman 2 -       Gloria Power

Policeman -           James H. Sherlock

Policeman 2           Lee Sherlock

Social Worker         Nyesha Farag

Security -            Jack Walker

Henry Henry -         Deep Blue C

Judge -               Asa             

Simone -              Karl's Niece

Mono's Mum            Hollie's Gran


Producer -            Tom Bruggen

Co-Producer           Charlotte Walls

Writer/Director -     Tom  Bruggen

Exec-Producer -       Joanne Ackers

Exec-Producer -       Dave Atherton

Associate Producer -  Ben Steele

Associate Producer -  Anthony Murray

Camera -              Tom Bruggen 

Sound Recordist -    Mark Klifffe

Soundtrack -        Josephine Oniyama

Film Editor -         Diane Bruggen

Assistant Editor -   Xavier Bruggen

Location Manager  -   Karl Power

Make-up -             Kate Chapman               

Art Design -          Rachel Jackson

Music -               Puressence

Music -               Josephine Oniyama

Action Vehicles     - James Sherlock

Props -               Ryan Sherlock

Props -               Zulera

Props -               Nyesha Farag

Driver -              Terry Henry

SFX -                 XTLB

HD/DVD/G5 tech        Luke Eccles

Titles                John Baugh

Promotions -          Jimmy Sherlock

Production Stills -  Chomp/Tom    

Unit Publicist         Chomp/Dave


Filmed on the latest HD cam 16:9 for internal studio-as-shrine-altar-awesomeness and for external digital aesthetic-estrangement-edgyness True Tale is a ravaging, psycho-voyeuristic thriller about the duplicity of kiss n tell reality-tv & soap stars real lives: contrasting  hand-held p.o.v. character intimacy with the dolly-objective-studio-lit grandness of 'soap'. The cinematic brightness of inside vs the reddened inky darkness of outside - Cleo's turf, the brooding, poverty surrounded/ing city of Manchester.

        Exloring ways in which we humans create all value, not god:  the premises that motherhood triumphs over fatherhood in kid-battles, that blood bonds beat sex bonds in relationships and most importantly, in the corrosive, caustic and compromising postmodern media saturated city atmosphere that real-life beats soap-life.