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a feature script by tom bruggen

insurgency films limited

Mens interrita lethi

Mentis penetralia

the ultimate freedom is not to fear death


Philosophically: what is it to be who we are, doing what we are doing now?

?I could interpret this in terms of where we have come from by gauging what we have all done over, merely for example, the last 10 years and what we are going to do over the next 10 years. This being an equitable slither of time to use as a measure, and thus defining the time-frame of a mini-narrative-identity within our life, and examining it for its philosophical story-values.


Your past ten and my past ten would register being-altitude differently. Because the quality of the writing still marks what I do out, and after all this time, the writing is still part of ‘our’ story. My story. Obviously competing claims for ‘our’ story value also accumulate over the past, present and future.?             

Fortunately,  I’ve had the time to reread the German philosopher Dilthey, who expressed this mini-narrative identity as the coming-together-of-a-life (Zusammenhang des lebens); so I’d better explain how I think ‘our story’ works.?        

I know now that existence needs to be co-ordinated by conscious actions if it is not just to be buffered and blown about by time. Once I was prepared to float, and be sculpted by the wind. But it leads only to a pile of leaves in the corner. In london it would probably end up in the TATE as an instillation, but up North, I’ve found it just attracts dogs along to piss and shit.?           

Which leads me to my main conclusion: that I must actively create our mini-narrative identity, I hope you will join me rewriting and co-ordinating our conscious actions into a form of experience that accurately expresses an original film-metaphor for our existence. ?             

In effect ‘novelising’ our filmmaking, ‘humanising’ our passing time, changing its impersonal, mashed up moments into a plotted, self-mythologised, personalised pattern - all on film in VICE GIRL VIRGINS.?             

You may think I’m mad.?    

Yes of course I’m not.

Imagine it.

What ideal qualities would we attribute to our characters, what actions would we plot for ourselves, which mental hurdles, antagonists, political forces would we select to overcome, and what features would hold that action in the minds of ideal viewers or readers whilst developing and making VGV’s?

We will find out.









































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