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tom bruggen feature script

-Overland Films

Heart-rending: a boy torn between love for his mother and loyalty to his gang. Carl gets atagonism from the world and empathy from polemical & teacherly Mary until Mary starts glamourising her insanity, and she asks him to join her, he has to decide whether to take on the world or her problems. She's the brains, but will his mate's help when the school world gobbles him up? facing everything crap he walks up to it, battles it, learns his mums right, falls in love, has sex, returns home, but just as everything's coming up rosy, Mary kills herself.

The addictive premise that insanity pays: yes, we identify with the loonies - who look a lot better balanced than the quacks, inflammatory characters: Carl burns conventions, Mary molotov's normality & the boys set fire to everything else. Think Mesmerizing Kristin Scott -Thomas as Mary; quirkily imaginative, poshly paranoid, mezmerisingly fated. un-put-down-able plotting: we watch helpless as a small boy's desperate/tragic attempts to save mother lead painfully, avoidably to her death.

"It won't be long before Tom Bruggen's brutal, honest poetic vision of life explodes onto the big screen. Tom Bruggen is an original."
Anita Overland

Producer Overland Films












































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