insurgency fims - Filmaking in Manchester England


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tom bruggen feature script



amsterdam, paris, seville, cape town, mumbai, st lucia, havana, inner mongolia, phnom penh, singapore, hong kong


nicky mason&

claire girvan,


karl power,

lauren mullen,

jay mclarnan,

anthony murray

Manchester Angels -

Bizarre CHEEKY B, his neurotic girlfriend SOPHIE from whose point of view half the film is told, his saintly mother MRS G BUNNY, his thorn in the side wife MARY ROZE BUNNY, his psychotic best mate/lieutenant KICK RAZOR, and Mrs SKEETER RAZOR, his worst enemy Customs officer ANTON CHERRY, & new bogus Mumbain contacts super-intelligent KHAN, and sexy temptress INDI are all going from Manchester to Amsterdam, to Paris, to Seville, to Cape Town, Mumbai, St Lucia, Havana, Singapore, Inner Mongolia, Phnom Penh, Hong Kong. Guess why?
Throbbing with visually unsettling puns, black-humourly disturbing incidents and uncompromisingly honest dialogue - never leaving a line in character when it could be in code: no innuendo left unzipped.
These serial sinners, religious misunderstanders, intellectual insurgents jolt a densely plotted, belly-achingly funny, brassy low-budget action comedy richly describing and satirising a typical northern estate on the make and on its way to Hong Kong.
If they see it they caption it.Every sentence has something funny, unusual, coded: something about life, weed world, change.
Sinners: they're beyond legality, squalid, demeaning, the activity of being estate beings.
'Estating': macrocosm, counter culture, amoral identification, fest food, bloodless violence, video watching/internet mutual masturbation in the afternoon, paradoxical church-based crime.
Imagine them 'druggling' 'weedling' 'skunkifiying' 'resinating'!
'These are the funniest characters ever written for film. World-class trouble' Anthony Murray: Manchester Films