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a screenplay by tom bruggen -

What if a beautiful white girl fell in love with the dream of a black solider fighting in Afghanistan, her racist family is pro british involvement and has to deal with her feelings on the street, secrets, hopes and aspirations - she has to deal with his jealous threats from away on the frontline, he gets drunker and more violently jealous of everything she does at home, he emails her to tell her to stop seeing anyone else - men first, then even females, then even family, then tells her not to leave the house for anything! Not to get made up, not to wash.
Living under his spell she ekes out a living in poverty until, out of the blue - he sends a letter saying he is returning home, morally objecting to shit he has to do - returning - to marry her, have kids, lots of them. She has to think about future forever with him - yes or no, forever is a long time, the Ipod kind of says yes - some of the songs she sings ironically, they say no - or kind of, confused she dresses up to lose herself, hide herself from the reality of his pressure, his return, everything she buys, sees, hears, does is tear drenched negotiation through meanings of her contemporary british culture - she listens to "his" music, every detail reminds her of him, - this tells her yes to marriage and loyalty, of his apporach, standing out from the rest, she listens and looks, his 50c "bitch", his "ho". she hears and fantasises about him, until - his return.

Reality brings different feelings: of dominance, helplessness, and the tributes he recieves from his mates ring hollow with her, and her life is empty although fitting the picture of life in pop videos.

 They look their respective parts, until, she falls for another woman, her best friend Hannah, who helps her over her transference and into a new life of hope and independence? He sinks into alcholholism and is beaten to death in a racist attack on his doorstep.

A love story - incompatible life-styles, the brilliance and the brawn, the emotional and the intellectual, the incongruity of multicultural rhetoric amongst racist reality? A study in the complexity of culture - fashion even - making the most of each moment in fashion, living for that cultural moment against nature, because life is too short.



Aleisha -        Cheryl Hogan


Stushi -         Stephanie Spencer


Jay -            Jael Ryder


Jocylyn -        Abi Leonard


Cap -            Shelley Ward


Khadijah -       Sepidah


Badger -


Clover --        Bret Murphy


Bones -              


Hangar -         Aaron Weekes


Cap's Bro -


Cap's Mum -      Ionie Charles


Bomber -         Liam Brown


Turbo -          Adam Brown


Corko  -         Jamie Corkovic


Othie -          Othie Sykes


Chocolate -      Cherrel Romans 


Gogo  -          Charlene


Happy -         


Gods Cop 1 -     Naomi Sampson


Gods cop 2 -     Tricia Lawrence


Detective -      Nyesha Farag


Protester 1 -


Clerk of court -


Magistrate -


Davy -


Protester 1 -


Protester 2 -


Promoter -        Gareth Williams


Co promoter -     Tom Bruggen


Trainer -         Bingo


Journalist -      Kat Ryan


Hannah -          Letitia Denny


Solicitor -       Asa


Police cell prisoners -


Stushi's Dad      Phil Mathews


Army officer -    Terry


Lady q -


Opponents:        Angel Mckenzie


                  Michelle Grizzle













































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